Senna: Forever In Our Hearts

Rest In Peace, Champion

On this day at 2:17pm in 1994, the world lost a true hero. On Lap 7 of 58 in the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola the steering on Ayrton Senna’s Williams F1 car malfunctioned, causing him to crash on the Tamburello curve. The Brazilian 3 time World Champion left the road ahead of second placed Michael Schumacher, hit the wall at 135 MPH and was effectively killed instantly. It was the “blackest moment” in F1 history.

“Yet, is somewhat fitting and poetic that he was killed in the same conditions to how he had lived: ahead of the rest and winning the race”

Senna left a huge unfixable hole in the hearts of millions of fans, fellow Brazilians and motorsport itself. His loss will never, ever be forgotten. 23 years later he still burns bright as the star he was: the greatest of the great.

Ayrton walks away from his stricken Williams at Imola in 1994. All the undone years, washed away in water-colour.

My full tribute to Ayrton Senna, published for his birthday on the 21st of March, can be found here. As I explain, he is more than just the best ever F1 driver, he is a symbol of hope, resilience & ambition for everyone.

Senna kiszáll
“If Only” by Oleg Konin.

“He was then, still is now and always will be Formula One’s greatest son. Rest in peace, champion: after all you have done in life and death, you deserve it”


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