My name is James and for a long while now I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog to document my passion for the greatest sport in the world, Formula 1. So here it finally is: Podium Posts. A simple name for a simple blog which will attempt to keep abreast of all developments in Formula 1 that are catching to my eye.

I might even chance my hand at some “podium predictions” too, although I prefer not having egg on my face. These posts may vary widely, from historic points of view on my favourite drivers and races, to reactions from the coming Grand Prix weekends and the state of the sport as a whole.

I would like to make something clear. My posts are long form. They are intended to be so. Whilst the “pointy end” of the grid rightfully gets most coverage from the media, I always despair at how the other stories of each race don’t get nearly enough words. I aim to be completely fair to all teams and drivers. Of course, my opinion is not absolute and I am always open to discussion with fellow fans. Feel free to contact me if you wish!

If you are reading then I hope you enjoy.